The first cannabis training that actually works.

Hello everyone, my name is Adolfo Gonzalez and I am the founder of CannaReps – the cannabis coaching program that actually works. Cannareps is the first locally based and focused training programs that do not use traditional classroom (or online classroom) settings. Instead we focus on the basics of the illness specific needs – we focus on teaching people to be effective guides through the world of cannabis products, while keeping clients safe and providing them with the best chance of effective treatment.

After over 15 years of working in the field of medical cannabis, it became clear to me that the scope of expertise needed to safely and effectively help those facing serious medical conditions is hugely underestimated.

Thinking that medical patients have already won their fight for dignified and appropriate access because there are dispensaries around is a huge mistake. In Washington for example, medical cannabis dispensaries have been largely tossed aside for dispensaries focused on “recreational use”. The idea is that if recreational cannabis is legal, that then the medical patient is already taken care of…and that, I can assure you is totally misguided thinking. Our prime minister here in Canada seems to agree with this, and so is the case for much of the media and Canadian public. Many practicing doctors still believe the outdated myth that cannabis products cannot be standardized to the point that they can be used for medical purposes.  For all the research and news that we hear about medical cannabis, we still as a society underestimate what cannabis means to those who have come to rely on it for treatment. CannaReps was born out of a desire to produce a community of high-caliber product specialists that will support the needs of the patient now and in the years to come.   

CannaReps was designed to effectively pass on the knowledge needed to help people facing serious medical conditions in a dispensary setting. It’s easy to be a mediocre dispensary worker – trust me there are plenty of those – but there are few who can tackle the hard cases with confidence because most simply do not know the basic product knowledge necessary to provide effective help.

Our program shies away from the non-practical; we don’t do long winded talks about history, law or politics because CannaReps is a mentorship program focused only on passing on practical product knowledge. We do not use online quizzes or lengthy reading assignments because we do not believe that memorizing content with the objective of regurgitating it later is an effective way of learning real skills. Memorization should be followed by practicing the implementation of the knowledge learned – that is what we call effective training for the real world.

The knowledge shared by CannaReps is already used at many of Canada’s top dispensaries.  Our unique on-site training tools and long term peer support are designed to help you grow quickly and confidently into your new skill sets. Outshine the mediocre and inspire others to become better, more compassionate service providers.

Our dream is to create a new generation of experts that truly understands and cares about the needs of the medical cannabis user. I invite you to join us for the opening of our mentorship program this spring 2017. I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver on March 25th at the Harbour Center for the first official CannaReps seminar. There is only room for 200 people for the first 6 month training period, so make sure to get your spot today.