A look inside our intensive three day course…

Thank you for having us Victoria! Thank you to our students for their participation and willingness to share and ask questions, we loved hearing from you. Thank you to Green Hart Dispensary for providing us with a space for our interactive workshops and Camosun College for providing us with a classroom for the lecture. We greatly appreciate it!

We’d like to give a little recap of our weekend for those who were not able to attend, you will get another chance soon! Here is a little a taste of what goes on in our condensed course.

Alongside our classroom lecture we hosted two interactive workshops. CannaReps believes it is important to practice the knowledge you receive in the classroom in “real world” situations that you would encounter at the dispensary or when you talk about cannabis in your day to day life. To fully understand what makes quality cannabis you have to see it, smell it, and feel it for yourself. Becoming a cannabis connoisseur takes consistent interaction and thoughtful investigation of the plant. We hope that our trainees will be a positive influence on the developing cannabis industry and the world around them by applying critical thinking about scientific and anecdotal information while learning to responsibly navigate the emotional and personal aspects of cannabis service.

One of our favourite moments in our bud tender/customer role playing workshop we learned how to responsibly provide contextualized information to customers. Hearing how one of our students, Jeeves, owner of Buds and Leaves, calmed an over medicated client over the phone by helping them to take control of the ride and keep themselves safe was an insightful perspective into an issue that is still all too common.

A huge part of our course is about building a community, we were very fortunate to have experienced cannabis professionals, new business owners, medical patients, and those wanting to know more about a substance they had used for many years, together in one room. It was so great to have such an engaged class. We will begin our next term March 24, 2018. We hope you can make it! Thank you again to everyone that attended in Victoria, we hope you stay in touch. We’d love to hear what you are up to and assist you in any way we can. We are hoping to be able to provide this course again in the near future, so please stay tuned!

A few notes from our students (thank you for all your encouraging and helpful feedback!)


Great course. Thank you for your honest opinion, thoughts and education. Love to keep learning and taking courses that you’ll offer. Keep coming back to Victoria. Well worth taking some time off of work to attend. Very well facilitated course.


Topshelf! So happy to be a part of the beginning of an era. Thanks CannaReps Team!


Really liked the Cann Help Deck. Learned potential dangers of cannabis for low blood pressure and how CBD alone is not always the best for adult epilepsy.


Amazing weekend! Very knowledgeable and well laid out program.


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