Learn in the Classroom Field.

CannaReps is the kind of cannabis training you actually need.
We focus on teaching you everything there is to know about the safe and effective use of Canada’s top selling cannabis products.
We are the only locally (BC) focused, person to person mentorship program, so that you can build real skills for the real world.

Why CannaReps?

Personal Mentorship

No other learning relationship delivers quite the same results as mentoring can. We adopt this method because we believe that this is the most effective way to pass on the scope of expertise needed to safely and effectively help customers find the right cannabis product.

Relevant and Practical

We focus on delivering the most relevant learning experience on the market – we give you the tools and on going support to help you practice your skills while working in the real world. 

A new approach to cannabis training


Interactive Seminar

Hands-on training & discussion with proven industry specialists


Course material? Cann Help Deck

Enable your ability of learning with our innovative training tool


6 Month 1-on-1 Support

Get support for the next 6 months from experienced top experts to ensure your success

Introducing: Cann Help Deck
Enable your ability of learning.


“…the only training out there that’s given my workers a real leg-up…”

Eden Medicinal Society

Teamed up with industry experts

Adolfo Gonzalez | CannaReps

Adolfo Gonzalez
Seminar Leader

Adolfo has helped shape several local start ups into some of the most successful names in the Canadian cannabis industry. Now Adolfo works as a consultant, marketer and speaker for many of Canada’s top brands and farmer collectives.

Certificate Sponsor: Green Island Naturals | CannaReps

Green Island Naturals

Green Island Naturals has become ubiquitous in the Canadian market place since the company launched in 2015. They have accomplished this by creating the most cutting edge product lines on the market, many of which revolutionize the product category they belong to.

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