Cann Help Deck

Cann Help Deck is a unique set of knowledge cards that encourages effective and effortless learning. It encapsulates the basic guidance information actively used by BC’s top dispensary organizations into a simple format that helps you remember and apply the basics.

*Disclaimer: most of the information presented has not been scientifically verified and should be used with discretion and at your own risk.*

Full registration

Our September term starts on
Sunday, September 24th, 2017 @ Harbour Center, Vancouver

With CannaReps you will:

  • Become: A Cannabis Connoisseur
  • Understand: Your Role & Responsibility
  • Exercise: Ethical Dispensing

Registration includes:

  1. Ticket to one day seminar
  2. 6 monthly hands-on workshops
  3. Cann Help Deck ($39 value)
  4. 6 month ongoing field support