Vancouver 6 Week Mentorship


Pre-sale for the upcoming term of CannaReps Workshops.
March 24, 2018 @ SFU Harbour Center

Make sure that you provide us with correct email and phone number.

With CannaReps you will:

  • Become: A Cannabis Connoisseur
  • Understand: Your Role & Responsibility
  • Exercise: Ethical Dispensing

Registration includes:

  1. Ticket to one day seminar
  2. 6 monthly hands-on workshops
  3. Cann Help Deck ($39 value)
  4. 6 month ongoing field support

Pre-sale for the upcoming term of CannaReps Workshops.
March 24, 2018 @ SFU Harbour Center

Make sure that you provide us with correct email and phone number.

This isn’t just a business course, this is a cannabis course. We share your passion for cannabis and want to help you become the most knowledgeable and confident dispensary worker possible.

Your 6 week full registration includes:

  • Seminar: Dispensary Operations

    • -The responsibilities and ethics of budtending.
    • -Dispensary etiquette: privacy and customer service.
    • -How to present information with context.

  • CannHelp Deck ($39 value): Your Guide for Practicing Product Skills  

    • -Treatment options for conditions.
    • -How to approach newcomers vs experienced users.
    • -Warnings and best practices.

  • Workshops: Experience Product First-hand

    • -How to identify quality and properly handle all forms of cannabis.
    • -Sample different strains and methods of cannabis consumption.
    • -Identify strains and terpenes to become a true cannabis sommelier.

  • Field Support: Work and learn at the same time

    • -Connect with experts in the Cannabis industry.
    • -Mentors available to assist you on your journey.
    • -Support from successful industry leaders.

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Seminar Agenda

Defining the Role of the Cannabis Retail Consultant

  • The responsibilities and ethics of budtending.
  • Contextualization methods of guidance information

Dispensary Operations

  • Typical policies, client enlisting, orientation, sale and product handling
  • Dispensary etiquette: maintaining privacy and comfort within the dispensary

Client Care

  • Products that may provide relief for certain conditions
  • Best practices for safe and effective use of different products

Product Management

  • Cannabis strains & products: how to identify quality and properly handle all forms of cannabis.
  • Product acquisition and quality verification

Research Interpretation and the Endocannabinoid system

  • Determining the scientific weight of an argument
  • Interpreting endocannabinoid research

Lunch Break

A walkthrough of the Cann Help Deck


Workshop Schedule

Vol.1 Get To Know Your Flower

  • Comparing laboratory verified outdoor flowers to indoor crops;
  • Sampling different strains: differentiating indicas from sativas;
  • The moisture challenge: learning to determine appropriate moisture levels;
  • How flowers become: decarboxylated oils, hash, shatter;
  • Appropriate use of decarboxylated oils.

Vol.2 The Rosin Edition

  • Review basic Rosin Press techniques;
  • Review differences between monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes noticing the differences in smell and the range of potential psychotropic effects that these compounds can have;
  • Review 10 strains, determining genetic lineage. During this session we will also be pressing these strains into rosin for sampling;
  • Revisit the “moisture challenge” where we will learn more about RH (relative humidity) and MC (moisture contents), and how to physically determine whether a batch of dried flower contains sufficient moisture to maintain optimum cannabinoid and terpene levels.

Vol.3 The Live Resin Edition

  • Tasting multiple types of live resin;
  • Discussing live resin production techniques;
  • Learning to select the best live resin products.
  • How are live resin and shatter different in terms of its biochemical composition?

Vol.4 The Endocannabnoid System

  • A special 2 hour edition focused on the endocannabinoid system:
  • Initial cloning and discovery of CB1 and CB2 receptors;
  • CB1 and CB2 receptor functions and the roles of Anandamide and AG2;
  • How we observe receptor binding in laboratory settings (methods/devices used);
  • Understanding THC/CBD pharmacokinetic actions;
  • Terpene and entourage-effect modulation.

Vol. 5 Physical Inspection of Flower

  • This is a key workshop for anyone who wishes to run a product department.
  • Learn to determine signs of trichome maturity;
  • Detect different types of visually apparent contaminants with the use of a hand held microscope;
  • Learn about what certain smells, and shades of coloration can tell us about a batch of dried cannabis.

Vol. 6 Cann Help Deck Review

  • Focus on the contents of the Cann Help Deck, and discuss future additions and edits to our training tools;
  • Chronic conditions like cancer, epilepsy, autism, psychiatric conditions and skin conditions will be reviewed once more in depth;
  • A brief review of other course reading materials.

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