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Our focus on spreading true, honest, and accurate information about cannabis to those who need it most powers every decision we’ve ever made at CannaReps. It’s the reason we began, the reason we fought through the risk and stigma, and the reason other industry pioneers trust the knowledge we’re trying to pass on.

We didn’t start this because it was a great business idea. We started it because we saw a huge information gap that was hurting the communities we loved.

CannaReps is a solution that was grounded in our activist, community-centered roots and bloomed into its current form as the expert cannabis education platform.

We were here before the money, the press, and the formal acknowledgment of cannabis’ healing properties. We were here for (and in) the community. We were here because patients were not getting the support and knowledge they desperately needed, and we saw the negative impacts of that misinformation.

CannaReps is here because we want to improve your experience with cannabis, whether in dispensaries, at home, or with friends and family. We believe that information is the most powerful tool we can pass along to you.

Our courses are your tools for knowledge, empowerment, and responsible use.

Why CannaReps?

In-person classes = endless community connections

Our interactive, in-person classes give you the confidence that you’re getting legitimate information, first-hand. Not only that, but we help you meet others canna-curious folks to stay connected with in the future.

Tested industry knowledge

We’ve been working in dispensaries, on research projects, and in the cannabis space with scientists and industry giants for over 20+ years. Our goal is to use our experience to give you that personalized step-up that you’re looking for.

Real products, real learning

We dive deep into product knowledge because if you’re not getting deep into the bud, you’ll never know what you’re talking about. You won’t find this crucial hands-on experience anywhere else.

Connected network of success partners

Our industry connections and CannaReps partners will help you get started, whether you’re looking to open a dispensary or find a fascinating new job.

Cannabis culture & tradition

There’s more to understanding cannabis than the science. We educate from our activist roots so that you can appreciate and honour the history of the plant and the people that have built the industry to where it is today.


Adolfo Gonzalez


The master educator of the CannaReps crew, Adolfo’s +15 years of experience as a grower, researcher, and consultant in the cannabis industry comes out in every class and never fails to impress. No matter whether you’re an eager student or an industry veteran, Adolfo inspires people to adopt the ‘eternal learner’ mindset when it comes to cannabis, because he believes that cannabis can change lives if people become well-informed. Adolfo’s advocacy for dispensaries, clients, and deeper research in cannabis often see him at the head of the room, presenting his research and moving public policy forward (using cannabis to encourage opiate harm reduction; regulation of dispensaries, etc) in Canada.

Adolfo also co-runs Connekta, a branding and product development firm, with his wife, Enid.

  • Most proud of: Community outreach and research programs in Vancouver’s downtown eastside; being Canada’s only court-certified dispensary expert
  • Frustrated by: Filling out government documents; purely profit- and not value-driven business models
  • His one true goal: Sustainable problem-solving & serving others as the ideal form of leadership
  • Secret obsession: Antiques Road Show (30 years and counting!)

Enid Chen

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Enid believes that design (and design-thinking) is a hugely impactful business-building tool that often gets overlooked. As co-owner and chief graphic designer of all things CannaReps, she not only believes in helping spread in-depth cannabis knowledge but also in the value of applying design to better spread that message. Enid’s Master’s Thesis was the birth of both the Cann Help Deck and the Holistic Business Model that’s now taught in all CannaReps courses (and is often lauded by CannaReps students as one of their greatest takeaways from classes.) Enid also co-runs Connekta, a branding and product development firm, with her husband, Adolfo.

It’s her belief that design has to be more than just beautiful—but also functional, invisible, and intuitive—that led to CannaReps holistic company philosophy and helped the company see the impact they truly wanted to make in the community.

  • Most proud of: Her Masters in Design Management + the Cann Help Deck + the Holistic Business Model
  • Superpower: Turning complex ideas into intuitive designs
  • Her one true goal: For people to truly appreciate the value of design, as well as using design to build a meaningful, humane business
  • Secret obsession: Spending hours watching photoshop tutorials

Julie Domingo


Julie only works with passionate people, which is why she ended up as CEO at CannaReps, after 13 years of award-winning stints at Aura Cannabis, Apple, Rogers, and Canon. Breaking barriers comes naturally to Julie, who was the first female Apple Expert in Canada, and the GM that led Aura Cannabis to win Lift awards 3 years in a row, as well as receive the first compassion club business license in Vancouver. She’s the sort of deadline-driven creative who’s hungry for better companies and more compassionate practices in the world and in cannabis.

Long story short, Julie’s the sort of go-getter that you need on your team and as your coach, which is why her expertise in the Dispensary Business Course has been lauded left, right, and center by students.

  • Most proud of: Being a pioneer in every job she’s had, while (finally) finding a work-life balance
  • Superpower: Contagious enthusiasm and loyalty to people and projects she cares about
  • Her one true goal: Build a compassionate business that gives before it receives
  • Started in cannabis: 18 years of personal use for neuropathic pain and migraines before being hired to manage a dispensary

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