About CannaReps

CannaReps is a motivated team of industry experts working collectively to improve the state of cannabis education. We are taking the initiative to raise the standards of dispensary training by sharing our wealth of industry knowledge.

Our Story

Pushing for industry progress

It is fascinating to see how cannabis can change a person’s life so dramatically. The restorative properties of the plant are plentiful but accurate information about it is not. It is our personal mission to improve the availability of cannabis education so that those who seek alternatives in medicine can do so with the assistance of a confident and knowledgeable dispensary

We believe dispensary customers have the right to receive all the information available to treat their needs, and when a dispensary is able to provide their customers with such information they achieve customer loyalty. Our goal is to prepare dispensaries for future regulation and empower them to provide an invaluable service that could possibly alleviate suffering and return quality of life to thousands  That is what we seek, to provide the training that will serve those in need while protecting and innovating the dispensary industry.

How We Do It

Providing accessible experience

Our collection of data has been curated into an interactive learning system split into seminars, workshops, mentorships and the Cann Help Deck; an original design project made to simplify the learning experience. We present cannabis data and medicinal information clearly in a contextualized format so that you can confidently serve your customers. Confidence comes with experience. Experience is what we teach!

By presenting cannabis and medical information clearly and in context, a well trained dispensary worker will be able to present the customer with information based on what has been observed and collected, so far.

We are the first local training program focused on understanding the properties and applications of of medicinal cannabis. We don’t limit our program to academic structures, there are no tests, no classrooms, no grades. We want you to thoroughly understand, experience and have accessible sources of information (via the Cann Help Deck.)

Our method is rooted in the expertise of over a decade of  treating and consulting with cannabis patients. Our dream is to upgrade dispensary service, improve the standards of the industry, and provide effective products to those in need.

Our Team

The CannaReps workshops was a project made possible only by the dedicated people behind it. A team of passionate members of the cannabis industry combined their knowledge and expertise in order to develop a program with the common goal of elevating the dispensary.

Seminar Leader
Adolfo Gonzalez C.

Adolfo has spent over 15 years working in the cannabis industry. Starting off as a grower and supplier, Adolfo worked as a patient advocate and lobbyist to improve regulation. He has worked on a publication for the International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines and helped develop social programs to assist opiate users to decrease their use with the aide of subsidised cannabis capsules. Inspired by the countless experiences watching cannabis change lives, Adolfo set out to initiate the first local budtending program aimed to benefit both patients and dispensaries. The vision is to equip dispensaries with workers who possess a broader basis of knowledge when it comes to safely and effectively dispensing cannabis products – regardless of whether it is in a medical or recreational setting. Adolfo is currently the seminar leader and workshop facilitator for CannaReps.

Green Island Naturals

Green Island Naturals provides dispensaries with laboratory verified and standardized medicinal products. Two years of collaboration with Connekta Design Solutions has lead to the creation of CannaReps. Adolfo field tested the CannaReps approach to training with dispensaries carrying Green Island Naturals products and has since developed the program to cover a broad range of products and apply to any dispensary setting.

Design Support: Connekta Design Solutions
Design Support
Connekta Design Solutions

Connekta Design Solutions is a cannabis marketing agency that brings big pictures into reality. The Cann Help Deck was designed by Connekta as a means of presenting an overwhelming amount of information in a clear and efficient manner so it can be easily learned and referenced. By providing the design expertise and marketing support for CannaReps, Connekta has actively contributed to the development of the dispensary industry.