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Don’t underestimate the craft: know the needs of the medical user.

CannaReps is created by the people who care and understand about the challenges that medical cannabis users face. We know that the right guidance can change or save a person’s life when it’s at the right place, at the right time.

Cannareps is the first locally based and focused training programs that do not use traditional classroom (or online classroom) settings. Instead we focus on the basics of the illness specific needs – we focus on teaching people to be effective, to guide through the world of cannabis products, while keeping clients safe and providing them with the best chance of effective treatment.

“After over 15 years of working in the field of medical cannabis, it became clear to me that the scope of expertise needed to safely and effectively help those facing serious medical conditions is hugely underestimated.” Said our seminar leader, Adolfo Gonzalez. 

CannaReps was designed to effectively pass on the knowledge needed to help people facing serious medical conditions in a dispensary setting. It’s easy to be a mediocre dispensary worker – there are plenty of those – but there are few who can tackle the hard cases with confidence because most simply do not know the basic product knowledge necessary to provide effective help.

Our dream is to create a new generation of experts that truly understands and cares about the needs of the medical cannabis user.

How it works?

Our on-site training tools and ongoing peer support are designed to help you practice your lessons while working in the real world. We focus on delivering the most relevant learning experience on the market: a training program that actually gives you an advantage.

Hands-on product knowledge is the most important to a good budtender.

Adolfo Gonzalez | CannaReps

Seminar Leader: Adolfo Gonzalez

Marketing Consultant
Former member of Board of Director   CAMCD

Adolfo Gonzalez is a cannabis grower and veteran of the dispensary industry, with over 15 years of experience helping patients connect with the right form of medicine. He has helped several start-ups become some of most recognizable names in the Canadian dispensary scene and now works as a marketing consultant and educator. Adolfo has also contributed to a wide array of publications and academic efforts, most notably working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside alongside Dr. Paul Hornby as co-author of “Reduction in Methadone Consumption and Withdrawal Symptoms with Ingestion of Standardized Oral Cannabis(2014)”.

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Certificate Sponsor: Green Island Naturals | CannaReps

Partner: Green Island Naturals

Green Island Naturals has become ubiquitous in the Canadian market place since the company launched in 2015. They have accomplished this by creating the most cutting edge product lines on the market, many of which revolutionize the product category they belong to. Learning to use Green Island Naturals products gives you a glimpse into the future and prepares you for what is to come. Special thanks to Tom Hicks for input and oversight on course material preparation.

Design Support: Connekta Design Solutions

Design Support: Connekta Design Solutions

Connekta is the marketing design agency hired to develop the custom knowledge card training system. This system is a novel system for real life practice of the principles learned during the seminar and was developed in conjunction with Green Island Naturals. The system has proven to be highly effective at helping new staff quickly gain the tools needed to become responsible vendors of cannabis products.

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 March 25th, 2017 Harbour Center, Vancouver, Canada

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