The problem with “recreational” cannabis is that, it kind of doesn’t exist.

As cannabis continues its journey through the red tape and bureaucracy of legalization, the conversation around the plant becomes more complex. And so, even more important.

Medicinal vs Recreational

How cannabis is legalized will affect those who need it most. As more studies and research is done on cannabis, we are discovering all kinds of new healing and therapeutic properties it has to offer.. This forces us to reconsider the language we use to categorize cannabis and its use.

Right now the discussion about legalized marijuana is polarized between “medicinal” and “recreational’. This is a very limited perspective. Especially for a plant that has such a vast array of potential uses and benefits.

One of the biggest issue with the division of cannabis as “medicinal” or “recreational” is that it leaves no room for what could arguably be the most important branch of medicine:  Preventative.

Rather than approaching cannabis with the same outdated frame work used by the pharmaceutical industry, we must appreciate cannabis on a holistic level. Meaning, we must respect its ability to heal, restore, prevent, as well as cure. The current model of modern medicine tackles illness and disease AFTER they occur, or worse- only treats the symptoms.

Preventative Medicine

The academic and medical establishment has largely overlooked the use of cannabis as a preventative medicine. Cannabis doesn’t just treat serious diseases like cancer or epilepsy. It also reduces stress, tension, improves appetite and sleep. All of which are absolutely fundamentally crucial for overall health and wellbeing.

Preventative and holistic approaches to medicine help people stay healthy, maintain vitality, and ward off future illness. This is what true medicine should aim to achieve. Medicine is for healing, not damage control.

Using cannabis in a “recreational” manner can help reduce many causes of future disease. Reducing stress is a major factor of disease and one of the things cannabis does best.

In Conclusion

Let’s not reduce cannabis to either “recreational” OR “medicinal”. The therapeutic benefits greatly overshadows the fun of “getting high”.

Cannabis education and perspective are key! Let’s start the conversation and make sure we respect the herb properly.

Stay tuned for more posts about the “recreational myth” and other interesting topics!

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  • Rinaldo Addison James

    You are absolutely correct! Great article! I too have used terms of cannabis as recreational and/or medicinal.

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