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What our learners had to say about us

I entered the course thinking I would learn a few new things and hear about a lot of topics I already knew about. I was blown away with the in-depth content and detail on every topic. It became quickly evident how much about cannabis I needed to learn and thanks to this class I have a ton of new found confidence!
Chris Still

Loved the course and knowing there is guidance available following. Can’t wait to use this knowledge and further my cannabis education. Thank you!
Alexander McAlpine

This course and the instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm re-ignited my passion for the plant and provided me with tools and tips to create a more intimate and informed relationship moving forward. Stoked!
Rory Chappelle

To try to gather this knowledge yourself could probably be done but to sit down with an instructor who is clearly informed and passionate made this an exciting experience. Where in the past I have been left confused by things (trying to research alone), I now have a clear cut, hands-on understanding of every part of the cannabis plant. Thanks,
Samantha Bent

Growing your high quality cannabis is rewarding,
cost saving, and do-able

Grown by you at home, Guided by Master Grower Mike

Living Soil at Home is an interactive online grow course, which teaches you how to apply Organic No-Till
Living Soil growing methods at home. Join us remotely and follow along with each lesson while practicing
with your own plants at home!

This course is specifically designed for small-scale indoor growers, but all big things start small; if you are
interested in applying this regenerative farming method—at any scale—will benefit from taking this
class as a starting point.

What you’ll learn in this course

Module 1

Room setup, soil preparation and biology

Pick all the best equipment with expert guidance, create a perfect indoor environment and learn to prepare your soil with the ideal top cover, microbial life, bugs and worms.

Module 2

Germination, cuttings, and transplanting

Learn step-by-step procedures with unique living soil-based approaches to seed germination, cloning and transplanting that will improve your success rates using all-natural products.

Module 3

Vegetative cycle and pathogen prevention

See your plants explode with growth using living teas in a variety of ways, while learning to apply a vast set of symbiotic life forms that help plants to be resilient to all sorts of pathogens.

Module 4

Early flowering and maintenance

Know when to switch the type of living tea during early flower onset in order to maximize early bud growth, while learning to monitor and maintain your plants on multiple fronts.

Module 5

Late flowering, flushing and harvest preparation

Understand every step necessary to ensure that your flowers finish at the ideal maturity level, free of contaminants and—of course—with a loud nose and an amazing flavour profile.

Module 6

Harvest, curing, cleanup, and re-amending soil

Become a curing master with the help of those with a life long obsession for the craft and learn to get everything ready for your next round.

What’s in each module?

Each module is designed to cover key points of your plant’s life cycle and includes an informational video, an easy to read PDF module summary and a live interactive session where Master Grower Mike Chyczij will directly answer your questions as you learn and apply no-till living soil methods at home

6 educational videos

every 2 weeks for 3 months

6 months of BONUS content

expert grow tips released monthly

Lifetime access to course content

grow your crops perpetually and never buy cannabis again

PLUS 6-months subscription
to live support

6 step-by-step worksheets

explanations for each stage of growing

Certificate of

12 bi-weekly live sessions with demonstrations and Q&A

online support from our Master Grower as you grow your crop over 6 months

This course is for medical and recreational
cannabis users including if

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