Cannabis Workshops

Bite-size workshops to feed your curiosity

Hungry for more cannabis knowledge?

Small cannabis workshops on everything from bud to budtending

There’s an endless amount of information out in the world about cannabis: that’s a fact. But quality depends on who you’re learning from, which is where we come in. Whether you’re casually curious or laser-focused on getting to know a certain topic inside-and-out, we’re passionate about only providing the information that we’ve tried, tested, and can prove to you. All in the name of making you look like the canna-expert you’re ready to be.

  • Quick insights + takeaways:

    you get way smarter in no time at all (1-2 hours)

  • Perfect introduction & refresher:

    whether you’re dipping a toe, or dipping back in to refresh your memory

  • Less overwhelm:

    no cramming years of knowledge into your brain

  • Expand on a specialty:

    without investing in a big course

  • Have fun learning:

    because as complex as cannabis can be, it should also be an absolute joy to learn about

  • Create connections

    meet like-minded people in a comfortable setting, or opportunity to expand your network and create connections with people that share the same passion as you

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Workshops we offer

Cannabis Explorer: Identifying Cannabis Lineage

When you can identify the difference between Kush, Haze, and Afghan… you’ll be better prepared to navigate the imprecise labeling standards in dispensaries and government locations that use “indica”, “sativa” and “hybrid” to describe thousands of different lineages. This quick 2-hour workshop will get you on your way to becoming a true cannabis sommelier.

Professional Development Networking

Start with a fun educational hour with Julie Domingo, CEO, learning how to ID real cannabis, and move on to network with fellow cannabis professionals. Each workshop is catered to the skill level of the attendees, and the networking is supported by industry leaders TalentBud. If you’re looking for more than your typical networking experience, you’ve come to the right people.

Past Workshops
  • Brief Overview of the ECS System
  • Making Your Own Rosin
  • Mock Dispensary

Our. students. love. us.


Is this really for me?

There’s pretty much no going wrong with our bite-size workshops, whether you’re interested in the cannabis industry as a professional or are simply professionally curious about bud and cannabis. Our workshop attendees range from cannabis entrepreneurs to health-conscious explorers and everyone in between. You don’t need a base level knowledge to keep up – so don’t worry about fitting in! It’s a great, safe place for people newly exposed to cannabis and the cannabis industry to start their journey.

What if I want to take the full course after?

Friend: you’re in luck. You’ll be able to take the value of the workshop you’re taking and apply it to the full training. No questions asked. You’ve already invested in your learning. We just want to help you succeed.

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