Cannabis Sommelier Course

From Canna-curious to Canna-expert

Detangle myths, bust stigmas, and sell more responsibly

The interactive instruction that infuses confidence

Whether you’re a “citizen scientist,” looking to understand more about quality cannabis, or considering a new career in cannabis, the Cannabis Sommelier course has you covered. Using an interactive format that teaches from years of front-line and research experience, the Sommelier course provides content that makes you confident, no matter whether you’re guiding or consuming.

Our experienced instructors provide you with an intimate environment to learn the history, recognize the physical qualities, and bust the myths that float around about cannabis so YOU can eliminate your doubts about what you don’t know.

We are the training program + community connection + career curators for you.
  • Learn the TRUTH about Sativa vs. Indica, THC vs. CBD, terpenes and why we all react differently to cannabis, and other things that the internet just can’t confirm for you.
  • Legitimate source for learning about the quality and history of cannabis, and apply that to your own health&wellness goals
  • Explore the possibility of working in this new industry, whether starting your own business or working in a retail store.
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What you’ll learn

A condensed hands-on class to build your confidence
History, Ancestry & Anatomy

Explore the whats, whens, and hows of cannabis, from the cultural history to strain lineage to the modern aspects crucial for cannabis sommeliers to know (potency, quality, ratio, production methods). No more getting stuck in conversations forgetting what “kush” means (or why it matters)!

Understanding the Research

Eliminate the fear of being uninformed in front of friends and family by really understanding all the new research. By discovering how to confirm legitimate sources of information, you’ll be able to engage confidently with anyone, anytime.

Expert Cannabis ID

How can you tell good cannabis from not-so-good cannabis? How can you identify different varietals? How do moisture and maturity affect your cannabis? Discover the physical traits of different types of cannabis, ask all your questions, and understand the science you need to understand the plant in the flesh.

Within the Law

You want to safely explore cannabis within the new government limitations. But where do you start? We help you break down the most recent legislation regarding recreational cannabis, why it’s always changing, and how you can operate effectively within the rules.

Myth-busting & Practice

In a newly legalized field, it can be hard to confirm facts. Everyone seems to be playing two-truths-and-a-lie. We bust the myths floating around about cannabis and put you in practice situations that help solidify your new knowledge.

Why have others loved learning with us?

professional cannabis sommelier workshop

Discover the real products you’d be working with so you can learn how to tell good from bad quality in real life, not just a textbook


Learn in an intimate, in-person class that helps you build a community, confirm the validity of the information, and lose your fear of cannabis

Upcoming Courses

Cannabis Sommelier Level I

Learn from anywhere! Level 1 certification is now an online program.

  • Hands-on learning with lab exercises, sensory skill development, and custom-designed educational resources
  • Live online Q&A sessions with our facilitators
  • Join a community of enthusiasts and converse about cannabis at an expert level
  • Exemplify expert product knowledge & responsible guidance

This course includes:
– Level 1 online course access—forever!
– Cannabis Sommelier toolkit
– Skills development activities
– 10+ reference articles
– Access on mobile and desktop
– Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 Certificate of Completion

Plus live biweekly Q&A sessions with our instructors for 6 months.

Learn from anywhere, at your own pace with engaging videos, hands-on exercises, and other digital resources.

Currently there are none.

Cannabis Sommelier Level II

Currently there are none.

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Is this really for me?

If you’re a beginner who’s curious about the budding industry, a current industry professional who’s looking to brush up on cannabis product knowledge, or an entrepreneur looking to expand their knowledge—this course is the right answer for you! We give you solid, proven, evidence-based data that is as up to date as possible so you leave the class with all the top information.

I’m ready! How do I start learning?

Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 is now offered exclusively online so you can start anytime and learn at your own pace from anywhere.

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 will continue to be offered as an in-class experience in select cities across Canada. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for course date announcements.

How much does it cost?

Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online certification is $297 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Cannabis Sommelier Level 2 in-class certification is $680 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Are group rates available for team training?

Bulk registrations for Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 can be purchased in quantities of 6 or more at $199 CAD. You’ll be sent unique codes to enroll each team member now or in the future as your team grows. Contact us at for more information.

Interested in Private Training?

Send us a quick note below and we’ll be in touch with information on a Private Training session with your team.