CannaReps is proud to present


as the official

Cannabis Sommelier
Tasting Pipe!

When a full joint isn't ideal for cannabis tasting, the Genius Pipe is the best way to save time and effort without sacrificing taste.

Are you ready? We have 3 options for you As part of the Cannareps community!

What is Genius Pipe?

Genius is a multifunctional device

Designed for flower and oil consumption, used by modern consumers around the world for enhanced taste and unique user experience

Why we love Genius Pipe

Can’t roll a joint or don’t have enough to roll a proper-sized joint?
For inexperienced rollers, improper rolling leads to the joint burning unevenly, or going out entirely, causing the smoke to taste harsh with every time you need to relight it. The Genius Pipe saves time and effort so you can get straight to tasting, instead of fumbling to roll a nice joint.

Its unique design
Allows easy cleaning between tastings, so no residue from previous cultivars will affect the taste.

Cools & Filters
The Genius Pipe cools and filters the smoke so you can savour the authentic flavour and aroma, thanks to the unique dimpled surface that churns particles through thousands of micro-vortices for extreme cooling and WATER-FREE filtration.

We love how the Genius Pipe keeps material stored discreetly in the chamber ready for use and stops odour from escaping, while simultaneously cooling/purifying the smoke without the need of water.

These attributes make this particular pipe the ideal tasting piece for quick and efficient flower tastings. At CannaReps, we hope you enjoy the Cannabis Sommelier edition Genius Pipe as much as we do!

Are you ready?

We have 3 options
for the CannaReps community!

Cannabis Sommelier Edition
Genius Pipe
only $99.95 USD


For those times when a full joint isn’t ideal for cannabis tasting, the Genius Pipe is the best way to save time and effort without sacrificing taste. 

Enjoy this gorgeous Cannabis Sommelier edition of the ultimate tasting pipe!

Genius Pipe +
Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit
only $149.95 USD

with perfect cannabis tasting combo!

The Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit is the perfect pairing for the Genius Pipe with the best tools to study and assess your cannabis flower.

Your toolkit also includes an $89 promo code towards your future Cannabis Sommelier course.

Genius Pipe + Toolkit + Cannabis Sommelier Online Course
only $349.95 USD


Bundle your Genius Pipe and Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit with the Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online course for the ultimate learning experience. 

That’s more than $100 in savings!

Please note: All Genius Pipe products are in US dollars. Payment processing and product shipping is fulfilled by our partners at Genius Pipe.