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Episode 4: The CBD Saga

November 4, 12 PM PDT
A special edition episode of Chronicles: The CBD Saga, an interview Ryan Lee (Chimera Genetics). 

November’s giveaway: One lucky attendee will win a free Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online course!

A new monthly live session for weed geeks covering topics that will expand your nerd glands.

Adolfo Gonzalez
Mike Chyczij
CannaReps Team

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November 4, 2020

Episode 4: The CBD Saga

A special edition episode of Chronicles: The CBD Saga, an interview with Ryan Lee (Chimera Genetics). 

CBD-dominant cultivars have changed the way the world sees cannabis. Ryan Lee is the Canadian breeder responsible for kickstarting the modern phase of the CBD genetics movement in Europe by graciously teaching others the breeding methods that have become the industry standard for stabilizing CBD dominance in virtually any cultivar.

The historical significance of his work speaks for itself, and we are truly blessed to call him a friend and have him share his story with us.  

In this interview, we’ll discuss:

  • Traditional CBD producing populations
  • The development/spread of the breeding methods that changed the world
  • The future of cannabis breeding
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We look forward to seeing you there!

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October 7, 2020

Episode 3: Pipe Dreamz

In this episode, we discuss the development and evolution of the paraphernalia that brought us our favourite form of consumption: inhalation! We debate the age-old question of how inhaled cannabis is best enjoyed and learn about the most advanced toking technology directly from their makers. 

You will walk away from this show knowing more about:

  • Origins of pipes and joints
  • Development of vaporizers
  • Cutting-edge inhalation technology

Specials guests Darryl and Dyan from Genius Pipe and Tim from PAX share their innovative technologies, and  we give away another fantastic giveaway!

September 2, 2020

Episode 2: Moisture Madness

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We also gift one lucky nerd another fantastic giveaway—a bunch of Boveda love!

August 5, 2020

Episode 1: Life Is But A Gene

In this episode we discuss the significance of cannabis genetics for large and small producers and talk about some of this green earth’s most sought after cultivars. Get to know the hottest seedbanks and breeders. You get to listen in on live questions answered by our hosts and guests for a fun and interactive learning experience.

We also gift one lucky nerd BRAND NEW ORIGINAL VOLCANO!!!

Is this really for me?

There’s pretty much no going wrong with our bite-size workshops, whether you’re interested in the cannabis industry as a professional or are simply professionally curious about bud and cannabis. Our workshop attendees range from cannabis entrepreneurs to health-conscious explorers and everyone in between. You don’t need a base level knowledge to keep up – so don’t worry about fitting in! It’s a great, safe place for people newly exposed to cannabis and the cannabis industry to start their journey.

Free giveaway?

That’s right…because we cherish our lovely nerds so very much, we will be doing a giveaway every episode. Our first giveaway was a Classic Volcano to a lucky winner in Ontario! You have a fresh chance to win (although it won’t be a Volcano every time!) on the first Wednesday of every month at 12:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Why learn with us?

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Our advanced education goes beyond “common knowledge” and trains you on PRACTICAL SKILLS so you can demonstrate expert product knowledge and help people effectively & responsibly

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Supporting the Community

Have you faced stigmas and judgements in your cannabis journey? Join our community of passionate industry professionals and consumers to dispel misinformation, share insights, and connect.

Hungry for more cannabis knowledge?

There’s an endless amount of information out in the world about cannabis: that’s a fact. But quality depends on who you’re learning from, which is where we come in. Whether you’re casually curious or laser-focused on getting to know a certain topic inside-and-out, we’re passionate about only providing the information that we’ve tried, tested, and can prove to you. All in the name of making you look like the canna-expert you’re ready to be.

Quick insights + takeaways:

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Less overwhelm::

no cramming years of knowledge into your brain

Expand on a specialty:

without investing in a big course

Have fun learning:

because as complex as cannabis can be, it should also be an absolute joy to learn about

Create connections:

expand your network and create connections with like-minded people that share the same passion as you in a comfortable setting

"Friendly people teaching informative classes in a fun way! Recommended for everyone."
Alejandra Duvnja
"I took the Level 1 Cannabis Sommelier course and loved it!! The knowledge I was given has greatly benefited my ability to provide excellent service for my customers. I use the skills taught here almost daily!"
Flynn Dubé
"Adolfo and his team have created an incredibly valuable resource for the cannabis industry and beyond through CannaReps. Adolfo's years of experience and knowledge is evident in the course material and in his presentations. And he is a great speaker! This course is just as good, if not better than some university courses I have taken. The take home information that you receive is formatted in an easy to use reference deck that you can literally pop in your bag to bring with you anywhere. It is so helpful when you are out in the field. They were quick to answer my many numerous questions during the course and have continued to support me as I find my place in this industry. Thank you SO MUCH for being willing to be the forefront educators in this long misunderstood field, for encouraging people to develop their professionalism while also remembering the human element to their businesses. I believe CannaReps can assist any new or existing cannabis professional in developing impactful ways to set themselves in this blooming industry. Thank you so much guys! You Rock!"
Lindsey Gorman