Cannabinoid therapy tends to have a cumulative effect for epileptics as it does for most conditions, so it is important to very gradually raise the dosage of the 32:1 ratio oil from as little as one drop half the size a grain of rice taken twice a day, and raising it very slowly up to the point that the child can comfortably consume 1-2 mg of active ingredient per pound of bodyweight per day. Hold this rate of consumption for a few weeks to determine if it is necessary to increase the ratio of THC of the oil.

Children with resistant forms of epilepsy can require as much as 5:1 ratios (CBD/THC) but it is important to increase the ratio of the oil gradually before reaching these high quantities of THC. 

If one can achieve effective treatment with low levels of THC it is better to do so, as THC may affect children’s developmental patterns in other ways that we are only now beginning to understand.