The Ultimate Weed Kit | Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit

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  • 3 Glass Airtight Jars
  • Microscope, Tweezer, Rolling Tray, and Glass Filter Tip
  • Zippered Case with Flexible Inner Storage
  • $89 off your next Cannabis Sommelier course

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Get your toolkit for FREE with your Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online certification course.

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Welcome to your ultimate weed kit

With over 20 years of examining landrace accessions to complex hybrid cultivars from all around the world, the CannaReps team developed the ultimate toolkit.

You don’t need to be a professional to begin studying cannabis. Take your curiosity and appreciation for this special plant to a higher level with these professional on-the-go tools.

Birdseye view of an open Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit showing included tools
The Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit includes our favourite hand microscope, plus tweezers, mini rolling tray, glass filter tip, and three glass jars.
  • Microscope & Tweezers

Go beyond smelling and squeezing your cannabis to evaluate its quality. Study your buds up close by placing the microscope against your bud and zoom in to see those precious trichomes. Big, fat-looking mushroom or lollipop shapes with milky centers are ideal.  

  • 3 Glass Airtight Jars & Rolling Tray

Be mindful of what you smoke.  Protect, store, and organize your bud using the erasable labels, so you always know their names and what you’re smoking. When you’re ready to roll, keep your buds clean by placing them on the CannaReps branded rolling tray.

  • Glass Filter Tip

Don’t bother fumbling with rolling a paper filter into your joint. This time-saving glass filter makes it easier to hold, pass, and filter out bud crumbs. Simply wedge small joints into the hollowed end; or place the filter inside for larger rolls. 

  • Zippered Case

Keep all your items safe in a hard shell, zip-closure case with a durable handle. The zipper pulls have holes for a small lock to be used for added security (lock not included).

  • Flexible Inner Storage

Stash your personal items in the zippered pocket such as your favourite grinder, vape, pipe, rolling papers, scissors, lighters, etc. (not included). Remove the foam insert for even more space.

Customize your on-the-go toolkit

Whichever way you consume, everyone has their own favourite basic accessories—their grinder and papers, pipe or vaporizer. So we developed the Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit to include the next level of extra essentials to elevate your cannabis experience with extra space to add in your personal weed kit must-haves.

Birdseye view of an open Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit showing how contents can be swapped and customized
So much space for all the flavours in your weed stash.
What’s in the kit
  • 1x – Microscope
  • 1x – Tweezers
  • 3x – Airtight Glass Jars
  • 1x – Rolling Tray
  • 1x – Glass Filter Tip
  • 1x – Zippered Case

The perfect cannabis kit for storage, study, and on-the-go! Protect, showcase, and analyze your buds with these professional tools. Made by Cannabis Sommeliers for all cannabis lovers.


Studying Cannabis

If you’re ready for your Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 online certification, your toolkit is included in your registration. You can start learning online now with the self-paced course and we’ll ship your toolkit to you for free!

For those not ready to start the online course, get started with this levelled-up weed kit. You’ll get a promo code to apply the $89 value of your kit to your registration whenever you’re ready to take the Cannabis Sommelier course in the future. Makes a fantastic gift for cannabis enthusiasts!


Birdseye view of an open Cannabis Sommelier Toolkit showing how contents can be swapped and customized
Swap out the jars for your perfect on-the-go cannabis products, accessories, and ritual must-haves.
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22 × 17 × 6 cm
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