Draft-Team Training

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Purchase 6 or more registrations. Register your team members on-demand as you grow.

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The easiest employee onboarding solution for your company. 

Delivering a consistent and confident customer experience is key to creating trust. Your reputation and building referrals are created on the customer’s initial impression of your team’s knowledge and helpfulness. Don’t let your team be left behind—get the most up-to-date cannabis knowledge and community mentorship for your organization.

Team members may come and go, but that doesn’t mean you have to repeat yourself in product knowledge training. 

With Team Training, in addition to everything for the individual user, you also get:

  • Manager view to track user progress
  • Quiz scores
  • Completion status
  • Onboard and offboard staff on-demand as you grow

 Industry professionals benefit greatly from our Study Hall sessions as we build our community and network.


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