CBD can heavily modulate the effects of any remaining trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that CBD products can make pets intoxicated, if dosing is too high.

CBD isolates that are purified correctly and made from clean sources can have reduced psychotropic effects but tend to be less effective for medical uses, particularly when it comes to long term medical uses. The issue with isolates is that they tend to become ineffective after prolonged use because they increase tolerance too quickly, causing reduced efficacy and increasing the chances for negative side effects.

Naturally grown and extracted full profile hemp based medicine (containing a full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes) is typically better than isolates for most conditions faced by pets, but it is crucial to keep dosage extra low when it comes to pets. To be safe, start dogs and cats on dosages as low as 0.1 mg of active ingredient per pound of bodyweight per day and slowly increase (over the course of several weeks) to be as high as 0.5 mg per pound of bodyweight per day.

Large dogs with serious conditions or those in end of life care may benefit from even larger doses, but remember to start extra low and go extra slow when increasing dosage.

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