CBD can get you STONED. Avoid driving after use!

Anything above 2 or 3 milligrams of properly activated CBD may cause drowsiness, impaired coordination and even euphoria in some, particularly those without a history of cannabis use.

Make sure to start low and go slow in order to find your own ideal dosage level while safely avoiding these side effects. Keep CBD products away from children and pets.

Avoid operating heavy machinery after using!

A response to the instagram comments posted in regards to the above shown information.

We are glad this post is finally raising some eyebrows. Glad to see that you guys are passionate about his subject.

This reddit link is one of many you will be able to find online were clients using CBD product report feelings of drowsiness, dry mouth and in a few cases even euphoria. “Large” doses are defined differently by those with different types of biochemistry. For example, it is a well known fact that naturally hyperactive person can feel “down” when taking a drug that is traditionally thought of as being an “upper”, where as a clinically depressed person may feel “up” or energetic when taking a drug that takes most people “down”. In a similar way, different people can react to different cannabinoids and terpene profiles in ways that are not consistent with the majority of the population. The reddit post we have included as part of our response reflects exactly what experienced dispensary workers know from working with hundreds of clients, but few others in the world of internet “specialists” seems to understand the truth about this cannabnoid: CBD does get you high, it is just a different more relaxed high that does not tend to interact seriously with physical coordination, unless the individual is particularly sensitive to cannabinoids or a “large” dose is consumed, in which cases some report even feeling an intense “hang over” feeling which can last days.

Most adults can comfortably consume up to 20-40mg (orally) without feeling intoxicated, but those with extreme sensitivities can feel intoxicated at the 5-10mg level. In BC, it has become rather popular to dab pure CBD and high CBD, low THC strains. We challenge anyone reading this to do a CBD dab and then tell us that CBD does not have a high. Only studies that do not study wide enough dosage ranges or those that do not have a large enough population sizes conclude that CBD has no psychotropic effects.

And by the way @legal_cloud_chaser, you need to read up on your cannabis science because it has been proven by multiple studies that CBD and THC both bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors, while CBD binds primarily to CB2 receptors and THC primarily to CB1, understanding cannabinoid science is not drawing a one-dimensional picture of how cannabinoids actually work in the body. For one thing cannabinoids can have a biphasic effect, meaning that low amounts of CBD can provide a light boost of energy that actually inhibits drowsy feelings, whereas larger doses does in fact cause drowsiness in most. This is why it is important that those who are new to using CBD do not take this medication and then jump behind the wheel of a car without first understanding how CBD affects their body.

For most people it is not an heavy intoxicant at low doses but those with enough experience with cannabinoids know that we must be humble about learning how to use these tools instead of imposing overly simplistic, one-dimensional understandings of how cannabinoid therapy affects different people and be more cautious with the claims we make. The question should be who are you talking to and what is their history of use. Time to stop branding THC as the “bad” cannabinoid and CBD as the “good” cannabinoid and let go of this false dichotomy. These are highly complex biochemicals being used by highly complex biochemical organisms.

We need to be humble and be cautious and stop repeating misinformation that has been entrenched by those who have much to gain if it is true that CBD is not an intoxicant: it is easier to sell and more ethically permissible to sell if it is not. The idea that CBD has zero potential to be an intoxicant has been proliferated mostly by unskilled pedlars who are in some way connected to the CBD trade. Many of these “objective” information sources you find on the internet are paid for by the people making money off of pressing hemp stock, calling that “RSHO”. The most useful and most desirable CBD oil is made from colas, not the stock, but this is not the level of conversation that most “specialists” are having online.

CBD is incredibly useful, but not understanding how to use this amazing tool will only discredit the real potential of CBD and will scare many newcomers away from this amazing natural medication. I wish I could have posted this in the chat screen but Instagram is not set up for in-depth discussion. If anyone wants to talk further about this subject please reach out via Email, Facebook…and please anyone in Vancouver should come join us for our first training session. The reaction to this post illustrates just how bad the misinformation has gotten and how badly people need this course. Stop learning from websites and get your hands dirty working directly with people using cannabis as a medication. Sorry for the long response but it was necessary on this one.

Disclaimer: The following contains anecdotal information gathered while providing dignified and appropriate access to cannabis throughout the course of many years. Them following information has not been scientifically verified and should be used with caution and at your own risk.