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Debunking the Myth of Modern ‘Superweed’

Here in BC, we are blessed with a variety of cultural and botanical resources. A brief tour into the world of growers and breeders can help us clear the mist on some of the most common cannabis misconceptions, such as the case of modern ‘superweed’.

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The B.C. Guide to Identifying Quality Cannabis

Cannabis has hit the shelves this year, how will you, the consumer, know that you are buying good quality bud? When they present you with a jar of the dried…

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How Can The Cannabis Community Further Cancer Research?

Everyday dispensaries across the country serve customers with medicinal needs. Many of these patients suffer from serious conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and various forms of cancer, both internal…

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4 Common Misconceptions About The Endocannabinoid System- #3 Is Surprising

Recently CannaReps held a seminar dedicated to the endocannabinoid system due to the high demand from our participants. We were graced with a very special visit from Professor Nick Inglis,…

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What Can Cannabis Do About Pain and Opiate Addiction?

What cannabis can or can’t do is up for much discussion and debate. There is plenty of room for further research and scientific study, absolutely. However, based on what has…

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CBD Tips 05: Be careful when dosing pets!

CBD can heavily modulate the effects of any remaining trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that CBD products can make pets intoxicated, if dosing is too high….

CannaReps | Cannabis and sleep
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Cannabis and sleep

Q: What works best for sleep issues, THC or CBD? Well, it depends on who is taking the medicine and how it is being used. A better question to ask…

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CBD Tips 04: Epileptic children need different cannabinoid ratios than epileptic adults.

Cannabinoid therapy tends to have a cumulative effect for epileptics as it does for most conditions, so it is important to very gradually raise the dosage of the 32:1 ratio…

Hemp derived CBD will not reduce the size of your cancerous tumor/ lesion(s).
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CBD Tips 03: Hemp derived CBD will not reduce the size of your cancerous tumor/ lesion(s).

The THC and terpenes found in the cannabis plant are crucial components for those seeking to decrease the size of their cancerous lesion(s). Patients most commonly choose decarboxylated oil made…

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CBD Tips 02: Pure CBD is NOT RIGHT for most epileptics!

Adult epileptics tend to react better to higher ratios of THC, finding their ideal ratios between 1:2 (CBD/THC) and 1/30 (CBD/THC), using primarily indica strains. It is common knowledge that…