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A few buds of original Exodus Cheese with jars in the background.
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The Groovy History of Exodus Cheese

The first company that manages to bring back Exodus Cheese in all of its glory into the legal market will reap the benefit of growing a time-tested crowd-pleaser that never gets old and always stands out in the crowd.

A rolling tray on a glass table with Cannabis in glass jars in the background
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4 Key Tips for Judging Cannabis Quality

Those who are new to cannabis often wonder if all the hubbub around ‘good weed’ actually has anything to it. Is more expensive cannabis actually ‘better’? How can you tell?…

Cola of a Texada Timewarp cannabis plant
Budtending Cannabis Cultivars

Texada Timewarp: A forgotten past

Texada Timewarp is an incredibly unique heirloom (something that has been passed down from generation to generation through family members) that can easily outperform most indoor genetics in terms of…

A person holding a smoking joint to their mouth for a cannabis tasting

10 Key Tips for Blind Cannabis Tastings

Why? First off, why would one conduct blind tastings in the first place?  Well, because the placebo effect is very real, and can sway your senses. The producer’s name, the…

Budtending Cannabis Cultivars Let's talk cannabis

Blue Dream: A closer look at a west coast legend

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a first-time toker, you have probably heard of the legendary Blue Dream. If you have lost interest in names because you think ‘they…

Budtending Cannabis Cultivars Let's talk cannabis

THC content in cannabis is not all that it’s cracked up to be

Let me ask you this: who walks into a liquor store and asks for the beer with the highest alcohol content? If you find yourself raising your hand, you may…

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Sinsemilla: Origins of Modern Cannabis

Binge-watching Netflix seldom yields any level of worthy thought past the chips, couch and beer extravaganza that is my weekend. But in this case, I have to say that the…

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Cannabis Sommeliers: A Closer Look

Guest post by Ryan Duffy. I was initially skeptical of what the development of the Cannabis Sommelier would mean for the average user. The word ‘sommelier’ invokes images of the…

Budtending After Legalization: 5 Things Budtenders Can't Do
Budtending Politics

Post-Legalization: 5 Things Canadian Budtenders Can’t Do

By S. Siobhan McCarthy As we move into the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the dispensary model as we know it, especially in Vancouver, will begin to change.  On June…


The Emotional Weight of Budtending

More and more, people are starting to choose unconventional methods of handling their health and wellbeing. This behaviour extends from a shift towards whole and natural food sources, to holistic…