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Therapeutic Guidance: The Beginnings of CannaReps

In 2016, I got married and decided to leave my employment to start my own company alongside my new wife. After years of working in multiple sectors of the cannabis…

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Cannabis Sommeliers: A Closer Look

Guest post by Ryan Duffy. I was initially skeptical of what the development of the Cannabis Sommelier would mean for the average user. The word ‘sommelier’ invokes images of the…

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CannaReps and TalentBud announce partnership

CannaReps and TalentBud announce partnership to expand career services offered to graduates of cannabis training program in Canada. CannaReps, a leader in cannabis education, and TalentBud, a boutique talent agency,…

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Recreational Retail Course Recap

On June 26 and 27, the CannaReps team had the delightful opportunity to train an engaged group of 21 eager learners. This was the first time we facilitated a course…

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Victoria Crash Course Recap

A look inside our intensive three day course… Thank you for having us Victoria! Thank you to our students for their participation and willingness to share and ask questions, we…

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How We Used Design Thinking To Create CannaReps

By now you probably realize that CannaReps is extremely passionate about cannabis education, but did you know the people behind CannaReps do much more than just run this hands-on, interactive…

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Why we partner with Green Island

They are the purveyors of laboratory verified product that is accurate and consistent. Without standardized products, there is no way that you can develop high level budtender skills.

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About CannaReps

Why we started CannaReps

The first cannabis training that actually works. Hello everyone, my name is Adolfo Gonzalez and I am the founder of CannaReps – the cannabis coaching program that actually works. CannaReps…