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How Can The Cannabis Community Further Cancer Research?

How Can The Cannabis Community Further Cancer Research?

Everyday dispensaries across the country serve customers with medicinal needs. Many of these patients suffer from serious conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and various forms of cancer, both internal and external. Patients with these kinds of ailments seek cannabis for relief, and sometimes they experience benefits and results that ultimately improve their process of recovery and healing dramatically.

However, the unfortunate news is that cannabis has yet to be accepted or thoroughly studied as a valid treatment for several diseases where it may have healing potential. Academics are vying for the chance to study cannabis further, but red tape from many directions seems to prevent them from diving into the right kind of research. At CannaReps we see this as an opportunity. Since we have the community of patients and dispensaries behind us we have decided to launch our own independent Cancer research study.

Introducing: The External Cancer Tracking Program

Our team at CannaReps has put together a voluntary survey form for those who choose to treat their external cancer with topical forms of cannabis. This program is based entirely on voluntary participation and involves no commitment. Our intention is to gather enough data to intrigue the academic establishments to gain their support, guidance, and inspire future research initiatives.

The survey is meant to be completed several times, the more frequent, the better. By collecting statistically valid information in a standardized format, we, as a community, may be able to convince and intrigue the establishment into analyzing and researching the alleged healing benefits of cannabis in further detail. There is a great opportunity here to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the cannabis consuming public.

Essentially, we want to understand if there is any measurable correlation between the topical application of cannabis and the reduction of the size of external cancerous tumours or lesions.

How can you participate?

Participation is easy and completely free! Anyone who currently chooses to use medicinal cannabis topicals to treat their externally visible cancer is eligible to participate in this initiative. Participation is open globally, meaning it does not matter if you are not located in Vancouver, Canada, or North America. If you have access to decarboxylated cannabis oil AND you choose to use it to treat your external cancer, you may participate.

All you have to do is simply fill out our online survey which includes a couple questions plus a photo of the tumour or lesion. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the survey, it was written with the intention to be straightforward and easily understood. It is crucial that you understand your rights as a patient and that you give your full consent to any program or treatment you choose to partake in. By clicking “OK” on the survey form you are indicating that you agree with the outlined conditions and consent to the study. From there the survey asks a few very straight forward questions, and at the end provides a space for you to upload a photo.

Participants of this survey are kept anonymous, only an email address is required for further communication but no identifying information, such as names or locations, are necessary.  All efforts to preserve your anonymity will be taken seriously. We understand how sensitive this is and respect the rights and identities of patients.

If at any time you wish to withdraw from the study you are free to do so, and your contributions may be withdrawn at your request.

Dispensary Participation

If you see our External Cancer Tracking Program poster on display at your local dispensary, that means they are participating in the study by suggesting eligible customers fill out the survey. If you do not see the poster, urge your dispensary to get on board and we will gladly send them one!