The Cann Help Deck was strategically designed to simplify the apparent vastness of cannabis knowledge that is available into a much more manageable, easy to digest, format.

The deck is divided into 4 sections, each addressing a different factor of medicinal cannabis. Each deck has its independent purpose, but they all work together to provide contextualized information.

Explore through variety

Explore all angles of cannabis with the Cann Help Deck. Using the deck as flash cards allows for efficient independent learning. With a compact and organized design, the deck is easy to take with you and keep for quick reference. A tangible experience that includes effective visuals makes the learning process seemingly effortless!

An essential tool for dispensaries

Keeping the Cann Help Deck in your dispensary will allow your budtenders to confirm their understanding as needed and provide contextualized information directly to customers with specific questions. Use the cards to help identify conditions and best possible methods of treatment when first consulting with a patron. Having the Cann Help Deck on location allows customers to make the most informed decisions based on their needs.

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