Effective and effortless learning.

Cann Help Deck is a unique set of knowledge cards that encourages effective and effortless learning. It encapsulates the basic guidance information actively used by BC’s top dispensary organizations into a simple format that helps you remember and apply the basics.

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A Quick Reference

The Cann Help Deck is designed to help you remember and practice the basic product knowledge that is actively used by experienced dispensary workers no matter where you are. These cards are a fun and interactive way to keep up with the general approaches to product recommendation taught at CannaReps courses. Keep an eye out for new editions!

Safely Build Your Skills On Field

The objective of the Cann Help Deck is to ensure that dispensary workers have a structured way of learning basic product guidance techniques. These cards are built to provide the foundations upon which dispensary workers can safely begin their careers. Take them with you and use them wherever the search for your dream job takes you.


Cannabinoid Cards

Review the more practical side of cannabinoid theory and focus on the compounds that matter. Learn surprising things about the cannabinoids you thought you knew and see what the future has in store for the development of novel cannabinoid therapies.

Product Cards

Stay relevant. Learn how today’s most popular products are being used by everyday people and get a sneak peak at the future of cannabis. The manufacturers we team up with are at the cutting edge of technological innovation within the cannabis industry.

Condition Cards

Pair each product category with the type of medical condition they are best suited for.  Understand where those with different levels of experience using cannabis tend to find their best fit within the wide range of available products.

Strain Cards

Learn about strain types and how they tend to be used by those suffering from a variety of different medical conditions. Use a system for understanding strain genealogy and effects rather than getting lost in an endless list of foggy taxonomies.

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Most of the information presented in Cann Help Deck has not been scientifically verified and should be used with discretion and at your own risk.

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