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The Perfect Storm: How Over-Regulation is Killing Canadian Cannabis

I hate to be all ‘doom and gloom’, but there is a storm brewing and it doesn’t look pretty for the Canadian cannabis industry. Many analysts (like yours truly) predict…

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How to grow your own cannabis without courting trouble

Ah, yes, your first grow. Getting started can be daunting, with so many options for home-grow kits. In this article, I will make the case that you do not really…


Dutch authorities experiment with regulating supply chain of cannabis to coffee shops

Amsterdam, long known as Europe’s most sinful playground, may be seeing some welcome changes to its antiquated system of coffee-shop regulation very soon. Although the Netherlands was the first country…

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Sinsemilla: Origins of Modern Cannabis

Binge-watching Netflix seldom yields any level of worthy thought past the chips, couch and beer extravaganza that is my weekend. But in this case, I have to say that the…

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CannaReps and TalentBud announce partnership

CannaReps and TalentBud announce partnership to expand career services offered to graduates of cannabis training program in Canada. CannaReps, a leader in cannabis education, and TalentBud, a boutique talent agency,…

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Debunking the Myth of Modern ‘Superweed’

Here in BC, we are blessed with a variety of cultural and botanical resources. A brief tour into the world of growers and breeders can help us clear the mist on some of the most common cannabis misconceptions, such as the case of modern ‘superweed’.

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Recreational Retail Course Recap

On June 26 and 27, the CannaReps team had the delightful opportunity to train an engaged group of 21 eager learners. This was the first time we facilitated a course…

Budtending After Legalization: 5 Things Budtenders Can't Do
Budtending Politics

Post-Legalization: 5 Things Canadian Budtenders Can’t Do

By S. Siobhan McCarthy As we move into the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the dispensary model as we know it, especially in Vancouver, will begin to change.  On June…

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Victoria Crash Course Recap

A look inside our intensive three day course… Thank you for having us Victoria! Thank you to our students for their participation and willingness to share and ask questions, we…