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The Cultural Value Of Cannabis Strain Names

Lately, there has been lots of talk and debate about the validity of cannabis strain names, from the meaning of terms such as Indica and Sativa to the breeder given…

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Can Corporate Cannabis Ever Be Craft?

    Many business savvy and well-funded individuals are looking to get a piece of the legal cannabis pie as legalization begins to dawn on the country. But simply having…


THC Potency: Where Is The Limit?

The government of British Columbia has recently closed their public call for feedback on recreational cannabis policy and is now reviewing the results. Apparently this survey was one of the…

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What Does Craft Cannabis Mean To You?

  The cannabis industry is growing at a fantastic rate. Innovative products and business are continuing to pop up despite the threat of monopoly. Lately, we’ve seen the term “craft…

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Is There A Gap In The Current Medicinal Cannabis System?

    The current laws and policies of the medicinal framework are not perfect. There is a gap in the healthcare of cannabis patients, forcing them to seek out support,…


Could B.C. Become The Bordeaux of Cannabis?

  As of the first of October, the B.C. government has launched a website to collect input from the public in regards to how B.C. should go about regulating cannabis….

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How We Used Design Thinking To Create CannaReps

By now you probably realize that CannaReps is extremely passionate about cannabis education, but did you know the people behind CannaReps do much more than just run this hands-on, interactive…

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The Issues With Cannabis Legalization In Canada: Are We Protecting The Patients?

Canada is getting ready to legalize and regulate cannabis on all levels, and it seems like the provinces have been left to create their own policy regarding the process. The…

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How Can The Cannabis Community Further Cancer Research?

Everyday dispensaries across the country serve customers with medicinal needs. Many of these patients suffer from serious conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and various forms of cancer, both internal…


The Emotional Weight of Budtending

More and more, people are starting to choose unconventional methods of handling their health and wellbeing. This behaviour extends from a shift towards whole and natural food sources, to holistic…