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Debunking the Myth of Modern ‘Superweed’

Here in BC, we are blessed with a variety of cultural and botanical resources. A brief tour into the world of growers and breeders can help us clear the mist on some of the most common cannabis misconceptions, such as the case of modern ‘superweed’.


Could B.C. Become The Bordeaux of Cannabis?

  As of the first of October, the B.C. government has launched a website to collect input from the public in regards to how B.C. should go about regulating cannabis….

CannaReps | Cannabis and sleep
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Cannabis and sleep

Q: What works best for sleep issues, THC or CBD? Well, it depends on who is taking the medicine and how it is being used. A better question to ask…

CannaReps | Cannabis as the preventive medicine: the "recreational" myth
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Cannabis as a preventative medicine: the “recreational” myth

–– Why recreational dispensaries DON’T exist. There is so much that has been said about using cannabis to treat a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses, however the use of cannabis…

CannaReps | Why we do what we do
About CannaReps

Why we started CannaReps

The first cannabis training that actually works. Hello everyone, my name is Adolfo Gonzalez and I am the founder of CannaReps – the cannabis coaching program that actually works. Cannareps…

Treating Epilepsy with Cannabis
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4 Key Lessons of Treating Epilepsy with Cannabis

1. Most epileptic adults choose to smoke cannabis, as they find this to be most convenient & effective. Most adults choose to smoke either a light indica or high CBD…