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Our focus on spreading true, honest, and accurate information about cannabis to those who need it most powers every decision we’ve ever made at CannaReps. It’s the reason we began, the reason we fought through the risk and stigma, and the reason other industry pioneers trust the knowledge we’re trying to pass on. We didn’t start this because it was a great business idea. We started it because we saw a huge information gap that was hurting the communities we loved.

With our combined 20+ years of experience working in the industry as activists, researchers, growers, dispensary operators, and brand ambassadors, we provide a personalized and insightful approach to our education. With a true grassroots approach, the Cannabis Sommelier Course is the first of its kind in Canada featuring insights made to fit our local culture and industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire mindful cannabis appreciation through product knowledge, science, and cultural understanding so that industry professionals become confident in their messaging to their clients, and consumers can make informed, responsible decisions for their well-being and/or for their cannabis ventures.

The unfortunate reality

Consumers ultimately want a well-informed experience

The Solution

The People We Impact

Over the past 4 years, CannaReps has trained over 1500 people with 700 graduates obtaining the Cannabis Sommelier certification. Learning topics include cannabis product knowledge, science, history, culture, safe-use guidelines, and compliance. Our alumni are able to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in the cannabis industry as:

Trusted by over 60 Cannabis Companies Around the World

Meet Our Team


Adolfo Gonzalez, Founder & Headmaster

The master educator of the CannaReps crew, Adolfo brings 18+ years of experience as a grower, community organizer, researcher, and consultant in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re an eager student or an industry veteran, Adolfo inspires people to adopt the ‘eternal learner’ mindset when it comes to cannabis because he believes that it can change lives and help communities heal when we treat the plant and its users with respect and understanding. Adolfo’s advocacy for dispensaries, clients, and deeper research in cannabis often see him at the head of the room, presenting his research and moving public policy forward.


Julie Domingo, CEO/Principal

Julie provides exemplary cannabis education and helps cannabis companies deliver the ultimate customer experience. Breaking barriers comes naturally to Julie, as the first Canadian female Apple Expert trainer, and the pioneer that obtained the first cannabis compassion club business license in Canada, while winning Lift industry awards 3 years in a row. As one of the rare women of colour CEOs in the industry, Julie is humbly committed to removing stigmas, building community, and increasing industry standards for high-quality products and compassionate service.

Mike Chyczij, Living Soil Master Grower at CannaReps

Mike Chyczij, Master Grower

Mike brings over 20 years of experience cultivating cannabis. His methodologies have taken numerous twists and turns as new technologies—in conjunction with more accepting social attitudes toward the practice—have emerged over the course of time. Mike’s primary source of inspiration is rooted in the diverse range of expressions in Cannabis varieties currently extant, their lineages, and the potential of this plant to express itself in unimagined ways, moving forward. In addition to a profound respect for the plant, Mike’s time at University of Toronto (Department of Anthropology) has calcified his appreciation for the ethnological and historical underpinnings of Cannabis cultivation and culture globally.


Sharon Singh, Student Services Manager

Sharon brings a broad range of communications and business operations experience to CannaReps. Having co-founded and managed her own business for over a decade, Sharon now uses her insightful and tech-savvy 'Jack-of-all-trades' abilities to enhance every step of our student experience. Since seeing the difference cannabis makes in her own life and others, Sharon is driven to see a normalized cannabis future that is accessible, diverse, and inclusive.

Why CannaReps?

CannaReps students learning in class

Interactive classes = endless community connections

Our interactive classes give you the confidence that you’re getting legitimate information, first-hand. Not only that, but we help you meet others canna-curious folks to stay connected with in the future.

Tested industry knowledge

We’ve been working in dispensaries, on research
projects, and in the cannabis space with scientists
and industry giants for over 20+ years. Our goal is
to use our experience to give you that personalized
step-up that you’re looking for.

Real products, real learning

We dive deep into product knowledge because if
you’re not getting deep into the bud, you’ll never
know what you’re talking about. You won’t find this
crucial hands-on experience anywhere else.

Connected network of success partners

Our industry connections and CannaReps partners will help you get started,
whether you’re looking to open a dispensary or find a fascinating new job.

Cannabis culture & tradition

There’s more to understanding cannabis than the science. We educate from our activist roots so that you can appreciate and honour the history of the plant and the people that have built the industry to where it is today.

Ready to Elevate Your Knowledge?