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  • Master of Cannabis

March 24 - May 3, 2018 @ Vancouver

Know your product.

Equip yourself with knowledge and expert insight to better understand the properties of cannabis.

Know your role.

Understand the proper language and approaches to use when serving customers in your dispensary.

Know your limits.

Recognize the ethical weight that comes with medicinal cannabis and plant-based healing.
Introducing CannaReps

Take the initiative to refine the dispensary industry

CannaReps is a response to the lack of training within the dispensary industry. Our workshops allow you to train and learn about cannabis in a practical way. Combine your passion with expertise so you can provide customers with confident and honest service that meets their specific needs. Foster relationships and loyalty by being the most informed and compassionate budtender possible.

What we offer


Dive in head first with a full day seminar. You will be introduced to the program’s philosophy of social responsibility. Discussions about cannabis myths, recommendations, and dispensary service take place in a friendly open format. You will come out with a refreshed sense of motivation and broader understanding of the complexities of the dispensary and medicinal cannabis industry.


Six interactive monthly workshops allow you to thoroughly explore cannabis the same way a sommelier masters wine – through experience! From scent detection to resin extraction, you will see cannabis in a whole new light! You will leave with a new perspective and the ability to speak confidently on all forms and products available to dispensaries. A hands on experience that provides the best understanding!

Field Support

Contact with industry experts is provided for on-going support. Should you meet a patient with unfamiliar needs, or need help clarifying your understanding, field experts will be available and willing to help support your learning. Our mentors are seasoned veterans of the industry that only want to pass on the knowledge. The more we know as a community, the stronger we will be!

Cann Help Deck

The Cann Help Deck is a creative and informative tool that simplifies the process of learning about medicinal cannabis. You can use the Cann Help Deck as a learning or reference tool to help you develop your understanding of cannabis and its potential applications. Sign up for the CannaReps workshops and you get this deck free!

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