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The CannaReps team has spent over 20 years pioneering the industry, culminating in the creation of interactive courses designed to teach you the foundations of becoming a cannabis expert.

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Grow Incredible Cannabis

Achieve maximum yields and outstanding flavour with our sustainable, low-cost, organic growing method.

Become a
Cannnabis Sommelier

Empower yourself with a deep understanding of cannabis and guide people effectively and responsibly.

Create the Ultimate Dispensary Experience

Maximize profit and get the proven 10-step system for your cannabis retail store in our interactive Master Class.

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Canada’s 1st Cannabis Sommelier Certification Program

Confidently and responsibly guide consumers

Trusted by over 60 Canadian cannabis organizations

Obtain skills in cannabis quality assessment and variety identification

Interactive Education led by industry experts

20+ years of industry experience from growers, dispensary operators, product makers, researchers, and scientists

Hands-on learning with practical skills development and custom made tools and resources

Connect with our cannabis community

Bust stigmas and overcome judgments with scientific facts

Join other passionate industry professionals and consumers

Trusted by over 60 Cannabis Companies Around the World

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